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Product Detail : Supply of laboratory chemicals and glasswares - 2,2’-dipyridyl 5g, 2,2-azino-bis (3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulphonic acid) diammonium salt (abts) 1g, 2,6 – dichloroindophenol sodium salt dihydrate 5g, absolute alcohol 4l, acetate buffer 1l, acetic acid 500ml, acetone 25l, acetyl acetone 500ml, aluminium chloride 500g, ammonium acetate 500gm., ammonium hydroxide 500ml, anthrone reagent 25g, ascorbic acid 100g, carboxy methyl celulose sodium salt 500g, salicyclic acid 500g, catechol 100gm, chitosan 100g, chloroform 500ml, concentrated hcl 1n 500ml, copper sulphate, 5 h20 500g, diosgenin 1g, dl alpha tocopherol 10gm, dpph 1g, fehling a solution 500ml5, fehling b solution 500ml5, ferric chloride 500gm, ferric nitrate 500g, ferrous ammonium sulphate 500gm, ferrozine0000 1gm, folinciocalteau phenol reagent 500ml, gallic acid 500g, glucose/dextrose 500g, hno3(nitric acid) 1l, iron(ii) chloride hexahydrate fecl3.6h2o 500g, iron(ii) sulphate heptahydrate 500g, mayer’s reagent 100g, melatonin 25g, meta-phosphoric acid 500g, methanol 25l., methylene blue indicator 250ml, mueller hinton agar no.2 500g, n- ( 1- nephthyl) ethylenediaminedihydrochloride hi-ar/acs 25gm, nbt nitrotetrazolium blue 100mg, n-propanol 500ml, orthophosphoric acid at 88% hi-ar 500ml, oxalic acid 500g, petroleum ether 25l, phenolphthalein indicator 125ml, phosphomolybdic acid 25gm, phosphoric acid 500ml, polyvinyl polypyrolidone 100g, potassium ferrocyanide hi-ar acs 500gm, potassium nitrite 500gm, potassium persulphate 500g, potassium sodium tartrate 500g, potassium thiocynate 500g, sodium carbonate anhydrous 500g, sodium hydroxide 500g, sodium nitrite hi-ar 500gm, sodium nitroprussidedihydrate, hi-ar/acs 100gm, sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate hi-ar 250g, sodium phosphate dibasic dihydrate hi-ar 500gm, sodium sulphate (anhydrous) 500g0, sodium tungstate dihydrate 100gm, sulfanilamide hi-ar 100gm, tannic acid 100gm, tptz( 2,4,6 tripyridyl-s-triazine) 1gm, trichloro acetic acid 500gm, trolox 1g, vanillin, hi-ar 100gm, xylene 500ml, iron (fe) aas standard sol. in 0.5n hno3 250ml, magnesium (mg) aas standard sol. in 0.5n hno3 250ml, zinc (zn) aas standard sol. in 1n hno3 250ml, boron (b) aas standard sol. in h2o 250ml, calcium (ca) aas standard sol. in 0.5n hno3 250ml, cobalt (co) aas standard sol. in 0.5n hno3 250ml, copper (cu) aas standard sol. in 1n hno3 250ml, manganese (mn) aas standard sol. in 0.5n hno3 250ml, molybdenum (mo) aas standard sol. in 0.5n h2so4 250ml, potassium (k) aas standard sol. in 0.5n hcl 250ml, sodium (na) aas standard sol. in 0.5n hcl 250ml, polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (pvpp) 100g, amberlite xad 4 100g, sodium metabisulphite 1, mtt 500mg, silica gel 100-200 mesh 500g, silica gel 60-120 mesh 500g, trypan blue 5g, a-napthyl acetate 10g, hexane 2.5 l, ethyl acetate 2.5 l, dichloromethane 2.5 l, beaker 1000ml, beaker 500ml, beaker 100ml, conical flask 100ml, conical flask 250ml, burette stand , burette 100ml, burette 50ml, pipette 5ml, pipette 10ml, pipette 1ml, glass rod , volumetric flask 1000ml, volumetric flask 100ml, volumetric flask 50ml, separating funnel with rubber , micro pipette 1000ml, micro pipette 100ml, micro pipette tips 1ml, measuring cylinder 10000ml, measuring cylinder 250ml, measuring cylinder 100ml, dropper , squeeze bottle , syringe filter holders (axvia) fhss 13 13 mm, nylon membrane filters (axvia) 170013r 13 mm, axiva-micro volume pipettor, (axvia )fvap-100 0.5-10 ul, axiva-micro volume pipettor, (axvia ) fvap-500 10-100 ul, axiva-micro volume pipettor, (axvia ) fvap-600 100-1000 ul, essential oil determination unit (clevenger complete with stand and heating mantle, jsgw (475/3) flask capacity 3000 ml, soxhlet extraction unit complete with stand and heating mantle, extractor capacity 600 ml, jsgw (437/2) flask capacity 2000ml, soxhlet extraction unit complete with stand and heating mantle, jsgw (437/3) extractor capacity 1000 ml, flask capacity 3000ml, buchner funnel (jsgw)(1062/3) 60 mm, buchner funnel (jsgw) (1062/7) 150 mm, separating funnel (jsgw) (282/4) 250 ml, separating funnel (jsgw) (282/6) 1000 ml, chromatography column (jsgw) (454/2) 30 cm, chromatography column (jsgw) (465/5) 60 cm, chromatography column (jsgw) (465/6) 100 cm, flask buckner (jsgw) (169/3) 500 ml, flask buckner (jsgw) (169/4) 1000 ml for hamp department, mizoram university nda.
Document Sale To : 25-1-2022 at 15:00 Hrs
Tender Location : Mizoram - India
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Tender Closing Date : 25/01/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 26/01/2022 at 15:00 Hrs.
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Sub-Industry/Industry : Education And Research Institute - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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