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Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 50627418
Closing Date 08 - Jul - 2022  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of geotech lab boq title geotechnical engineering lab
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 50154758
Closing Date 04 - Jul - 2022  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of medicines and laboratory items for use in health centre mizoram university nda #*. acevak - s tablet, acevak tablet, aciclovir 5% ointment, aciclovir 800 mg, alercid m syrup, alprozolam .05/zolin 0.5, abti rabbies vaccine 1 ml single dose, apetox, atocor f, a-z syr, bandaid, becosule capsule, belladona plaster, betadin gargle, betadin oint, betnesol tab, cap. itradon 200, clenora gel, clenorush gel, clovia - nm cream, colicspam syrup, colicspam tab, corex dx, cotton gauze cloth (natura), cotton roll 500mg, crepe bandage 7.50 cm, danza lotion, darolac capsule, darolac ibs, dart, diclopic forte spray, dicmak - br tablet, digene susp 200 ml, digene tab, dispo needle 22 g, dispo van 10 ml, dispo van 3 ml, dispo van 5 ml, domi/domstal susp., domi up spray, doxy 1 ldr, dromak tablet or divo - m, duderm powder, duphalac syr, el - d3 tablet, elbron d syrup, elciderm cream, elcital syrup, eliban susp, eliban tablet, elmoncee plus tablet, elvital - l, elvital capsule, emigo syrup, etrix 90, etrix mr, etrovak - th, evion lc, faceline at, femgro syrup, fenceta syrup, flagyl susp, flucoset tablet, fluner, foley's catheter no.12, foley's catheter no.14, foley's catheter no.16, fresvit capsule, furic 40, glimpser p1, glimy m, glimy m2, glisen pm1, hydrogen peroxide soln., hydroheal oint., hythro 250, i tone e/d, indclav 625, indclav bid, inf. d5, inf. dns, inf. rl, inj. avil, inj. betnesol, inj. c - pink, inj. calcium sandoz, inj. ciprofloxacin, inj. cort s, inj. cyclopam, inj. drotaverine, inj. emigo 4 mg, inj. emigo 8 mg, inj. fortwin, inj. lablol, inj. manitol, inj. naloxone, inj. neomol, inj. ns 100ml, inj. ofloxacin, inj. phenargan, inj. rablet iv, inj. rejenuron, inj. robi d, inj. stematil, inj. tramazac, inj. trenaxa, inj. tt, inj. vivian plus, iv set, justin suppository 100 mg, justin suppository 12.5 mg, justin suppository 25 mg, k mac, kidpred syrup, laveta syrup, lcf kid, lubrel eye drop, lunabet oint, mediray - ap, meditape 25mm, meganeuron od, merslik 2-0 reverse cutting, merslik 3-0 reverse cutting, metofix xl 1000, metofix xl 500, momate f, moxirel eye drop, moxvel eye ointment, mupirel cream, nausivin d tablet/goodmorn, neeri syr, neflex tablet, neopeptine syrup, neosporin powder, neurobion forte, nezvit - 4 g softgel, nitoten, olaptadine eye drop, omzee - d, ors walyte, orthozox tube, ostocalcium syr, ostocalcium tab, otrivin adult drop, otrivin paed nasal drop, pancef o 100, pancef o 200, pancef o d/s, panray dsr, pansar - dsr capsule, pansar - ls capsule, pantop 40, pantop hp kit, parasafe 500 tablet, parasafe 650 tablet, pepsiguard p, perdanza lotion, pop 4 inch, pop 6 inch, predlin 8 mg, primolut n, qclav 375, qcold tablet, qliv tablet, quezine a tablet, quezine m tablet, qzyme plus syrup, rabsar 20, rabsar sr, ranivax syrup, raylevo - 500 tablet, rcort syrup, rectfied spirit, redotil capsule 100, reswas, riboflavine, richar cr, rozat 10, servil jr, shield ointment, smuth capsule, snap it, stamlo 10, stamlo 5, stemetil md, surgicare sterile gloves 6.5, tazloc h, telsartan 20, telsartan 40, telsartan ct/tetan ct, telsartan h, telsartan h 80, tenovate, tenovate m, terbirel cream, torex jr, unsterile gloves medium (care view), urisort 200, urispas, vdm forte, vdm kit, velocit test kit, venflon 22g, venflon 24g, ventorlin inhaler, vertigon tab, vertin 24, vertin od, vilnip m 1000, zeet expectorant, zenitac 150, zenitac 300, zenof - oz tablet, zerodol pg 75, zerodol th 4mg, zinconia syrup, zolfresh 10mg, zolfresh 5 mg, test tubes 12 x 100 mm, test tubes 12 x 75 mm, sodium hypochloride solution 5%, distilled water, lancet, clot activator , sodium flouride, edta, leishman's stain, glucose erba, triglycerides erba, cholesterol erba, hdl cholesterol erba, urea erba, uric acid erba, bilirubin erba, creatinine erba, protein erba, albumin erba, sgot erba, sgpt erba, alp erba, potassium + sodium erba, calcium erba, typhidot, blood mp (ict), hcv, hb sag, h pylori, preg. test, accucheck test strips 50x2, micro-pipette tips (big), urine sample container, haemocor d/cyameter, abpent 40 injection, aziluk 500, codimax t syrup, defkinz 6, henpra 40, ht zyme xt syrup, l-nin, lycozip xt syrup, mixocal 500, nin-spas drops, onin md-4, oralhex-m/w, oxyzip xt syrup, ribzyn 20, ribzyn d, ribzyn dsr, ribzyn it, sucragyl o, tam mf, udiaz-300, ulcer d 450ml, waylact dry syrup, waylact capsule
Sector Telecommunication Services / Equipments Tenders Tender Value Rs. 8.82 Lakh approx.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 49949960
Closing Date 02 - Jul - 2022  |  2 Days to go View Tender Details
Installation of 7ghz hybrid microwave system in mizoram. #*. Hoisting and dehoisting of microwave antenna, waveguide, preparation of antenna fixture,platform and antenna orientation and other associated works in mizoram
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 50273156
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Supply of mess dry ration, mess wet ration, mess non-veg item, sweets and confectionery, office stationery, students stationery, uniform items, readymade cloths & others, uniform items footwear, daily use and cleaning items, medicine items, sports items, laboratory items, m & r items, bedding items, furniture items.
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